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This programme which is proposed by the NORDIC INSTITUTE OF SCANDINAVIA IN COLLABORATION with BUST prepares students to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology - EET and Renewable Energy Technology -RET 

It covers circuits, conventional and renewable electrical power, analog and digital electronics, microcomputers, control systems and instrumentation, and telecommunications and wired/wireless networking. It also includes landscaping and architecture, waste management, health and sanitation, town planning as applied to Renewable Energy systems.

  • HND, BSc, Masters in Electrical Engineering Technology

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The long awaited but highly propagated Online Study Programs at BUST is now at hand. BUST E – Learning Programs are now available. You can earn Certificates and Degrees by learning at BUST from home or office at your convenience.

The following certificates, diplomas and degrees can be obtained through the online studies;

1. - Professional Postgraduate Diploma & Master of Arts/Master of Sciences.

2. - CERTIFICATE, National DIPLOMA, HND, BSc and Master Degree options ONLINE.

Interested applicants could start applying on campus or through the Website.

Interested applicant can visit our online studies website hosted at for more information.

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