bamenda university of science and technology


*BUST aims at addressing the unadresseed issues in Cameroon Education, consolidating the historic cultural diversity, unleashing the rich natural and human resources with which this region and indeed Cameroon in general and Africa as a whole are endowed. In addition, BUST aims at galvanising same towards raising productivity and decreasing unemployment and poverty in a bid to raise the standard of living of the masses by stimulating self-actualization, self-reliant development, sole-proprietorship and small and medieum scale industries as stepping stones towards agro-industrial talke off.


The mission of the University is to contribute towards, addressing the educational needs of thousands of youths and adults yearning for quality university education, emphasizing professionalism, creativity, research for development by:
* Seeking and Using available and transferable technologies to make graduates favourably competitive in a global economy,
* Offering ooportunities to unleash and tranfer available knowledge and pratical experiences of locally available but un-tapped national and international manpower.
* Going for quality rather than quantity in admitting students.
* Ensuring that the students receive an education that enables them to become immediately operational upon leavingthe university or can be self-employed and,
* Promoting citizenship training and general education essential for the understanding and appreciating the Cameroonian way of life, and her relationship to the African and world communities.