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The Higher Institute of Economics, Law and Management Sciences has its approval and recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education, Yaounde. It has highly qualified, experienced and competent staff whose ambition and love provide excellent services to students. The Institute has national and international students from across the African continent.


Based on our academic and professional excellence, the Institute aspires to be number one provider of economics, law and management sciences education across the African content.


- To design competences in academic and professional fields of studyfor each student, by creating an environment where each student studies basic issues and frames in terms of knowledge integration and problem solving. In addition, each student by participating in community learning and living shall acquire a greater degree of social awareness.
- To be teacher and student innovative that is sustainable.The Higher institute will encourage creativity by placing immense value on ideas generated by teachers and students in order to build an entrepreneurial spirit in the Institute.
- To be a research oriented Institute both at the national and international levels. The Higher Institute would source for funds from collaborators both within the country and at the international level to conduct publishable research.

1. Higher National Diploma (HND)
The syllabi and organisation of the above certificate is conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education. The examination is taken at the end of the second year.
The areas of study are:
- Accounting,
- Banking and Finance,
- Business Management,
- Marketing,
- Executive Secretarial Studies,
- Insurance,
- Public Service and Administration,
- Human Resource Management,
- Logistics and Transport.

2. Bachelor of technology/ Arts/ science.
Ministerial decision No 08/ 0124 of 5 May 2008 authorises BUST to offer Bachelor’s degrees in the above areas of studies. The duration for Bachelor Degrees is three years minimum for full time students and one year for HND holders.
Students with the Advanced level will be admitted direct in to the following programmes to obtain the 

Bachelor’s degree.
a) LAW

Department of International Law
- International Law (LLB, LLM)
- Public Law LLB, LLM
- Administrative Law (LLB, LLM)
- Public Administration (LLB/BA, MSc)
- Intellectual Property Law (LLB, LLM)

Department of Business Law
- Business Law (LLB, LLM)
- International Maritime Law (LLB, LLM)
- Transport and Maritime Law (LLB, LLM)
- Law of Security and Logistics (LLB, LLM)

They will spend three years in the Higher Institute to Obtain the Bachelor’s degree

The postgraduate school of the Higher Institute offers post graduate studies in the following fields up to the Master’s Degree. The duration for these programmesis two years for full time students 


1. Economics and Management Sciences
a) Banking and Finance
b) Business Administration
c) Economic Sciences
d) Finance and Accounting
e) Human Resource Management
f) Marketing
g) Management
h) Insurance
i) Public Administration
2. Law and Political Sciences
a) Business Law
b) Dispute Resolution
c) International Law (research)
d) Law and Practice (Research)
e) International Relations
f) Political Science


For the HND and Bachelor degrees, prospective students may apply with a pass in five ORDINARY level subjects at the GCE and any other approved certificates , among which must be English, French, Economics and Mathematics in addition students are expected to have two Advance Levels subject in Economics and any Arts Subject. For the Bachelor of Law, LLB, the entry requirements are the same as above for O ‘level candidates, and for’ A’ level passes in Philosophy or History and any other Arts subject are required or equivalent qualification as approved by the Higher Institute. The Higher Institute accepts transfer from recognised Universities and Polytechnics in Cameroon and abroad.For admission into the Master’s degree programmes students are require to have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalence.


All graduating students must satisfy A MINIMUM 30 credits of University General Education, 60 Credit of the Institute’s course requirements and 90 Credit worth of courses in areas of study. Students must undergo internship as well as carryout independent research and write findings up according to the respective BUST formats. Student’s shall present these reports in the presence of an examination committee i.e., case study for HND examinations and independent research for Bachelor certification.