bamenda university of science and technology


1. The effectiveness of the application of legislations in marketing of rice in Mezam.

2. The influence of marketing communication in the sales of rice in Mezam.

3. Inventory management strategies to minimise losses in the marketing of rice in Mezam Division.

4. The fancing options for the marketing of rice in Mezam Division

5. Costing strategies for effective marketing of rice.

6. Appraisal of the right of Freedom of Expression in contemporary information Technology in Lagos State, Nigeria.

7. The impact of Fraud on the performance of Micro Financial Institutions.

8. The role of internal Audit on the performance of an organisation.

9. Examination of government regulation of insurance in North West Region. 

10. Assessing the impact of management styles on workers satisfaction in Bambili Cooperative Credit Union.

11. Youth unemployment in Manyu Division 

12. Assessing the importance of Motor Vehicle insurance policy to vehicle owners and users in the city of Bamenda.

13. Impact of Employee Relationship management on Rural Investment.

14. The legal effects of customary Marriage in TIV community in Nigeria.

15. Effect of Leadership behaviour in organisation climate.

16. The role of Local government in National development in Kwande local Government in Benin State.

17. The importance of Fishing Industry on the Economy of Equatorial Guinea.

18. A study of the financial products and services of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea.

19. The effectiveness of the Gambia Legal system in the administration of justice.

20. Effects of mechanisation on farmer’s standard of living in Cameroon.

- BOCODA Inc-BUST: Global citizenship through Business and Education- A case study of microfinance and Beneficiaries. Transition from the informal to formal market sector in Cameroon.