bamenda university of science and technology




Registration First and Second Semester Courses

9th August to August 23rd


27th August to 31st August

2nd Semester Post Graduate Exams

28th August to 30th of August

Senate Meeting

12th September

Publication of Results

Friday 14th September

Academic Planning Meeting

Tuesday 18th September

Admission of Fresh Students

Wednesday 21st September to 28th September

Course Registration and payment of fees for returning students

Tuesday 25th September

Start of Lectures

Thursday 27th September

CA Evaluations

Friday 26th of October


29th of October

Christmas holidays

Friday 21st to December to January 8th 2019

Resumption of Lectures

Tuesday 8th January 2019

First Semester Exams

Friday 15th February – Wednesday 21st February 2019

Senate Meeting

Wednesday 28th February 2019