bamenda university of science and technology


Dr MBIBEH Louis is Faculty officer in the Higher Institute of Education of the Bamenda University of Science and Technology. He holds of a PhD from the University of Yaounde I. He is lecturer and researcher with interests in inclusive education, language teaching/learning with related aphasias, communication and professional development, disability/rehabilitation and inclusive development. He has experience in project management and development and project monitoring and evaluation. He is editor and reviewer in a number of academic journals.

Dr. Alota John
Dr Alota John is a Faculty Officer of the Institute and holds a PhD. And Master Degree in from the Universities of Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbonne and Calabar respectively. He has a very wide range of teaching experiences in both secondary and tertiary education for over 30years. He is a seasoned examiner and has provided expertise in different national examinations such and the Higher National Diploma examinations and the General Certificate of education. His research interests include, Curriculum Studies, Foundations of education, Educational planning and economics of education.

Academic Staff
Pr. Gwanfobe Mathew (Ph.D)
Pr. Paul Mbangwana (Ph.D)
Prof. Cornelius Lambi (Ph.D)
Pr. Ruby Fomunyam (Ph.D)
Dr. Tem Protus Mbeum (Ph.D)
Dr. Alota John Ateh (Ph.D)
Dr. Mbibeh Louis (Ph.D)
Dr. Ndame Thomas Ekane (Ph.D)
Dr. Beyoh Dieudone Nkepah (Ph.D)
Dr Asakeze Nji Austine (Ph.D)
Dr Yengong Stanley (Ph.D)
Dr. Bame Roland (Ph.D)
Dr. Nkengla John
Dr Ayongwa Gideon (Ph.D)
Mr Shang Nelson (MA)
Mr Ngalim Nestor (M.Ed.)
Mrs Nkohntan Heline (M.Sc.)
Mrs Ndah Chirstina (MSc.)
Mr Ngong Nassah (M.Ed.)
Mr Fedelis Forsuh (M.Ed.)
Mrs Sotabinda Mary (MA)
Mr. Budze Patrick (MA)
Mr Ayeah Emmanuel (M.Sc)
Mrs Fonka Christina (MA)
Mr Ebai Menge (M.Sc.)
Mrs Fon Helen (M.Ed.)
Mr Mbohli Jeremiah ((M.Sc.)
Mr Oponde Fred