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The Higher Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development sets to guide each student to attain intellectual and professional competence, personal growth and development, and cultivate a sense of social and civic responsibility. In addition students shall develop and acquire technologies to ensure local, national and international food security and sovereignty as well as rational management of natural resources.


Agriculture is the professional art of applying science and technology to cultivating the soil, producing crops and livestock by stakeholder who shall develop partnerships of Lecturers, students, and staff, farmers, government, non-governmental organizations and, the wider world working in concert to provide the highest quality learning experiences. This synergy enhances the development of able and responsible intelligent citizenship, living and earning a livelihood and thereby contributing to the building of a Cameroon’s best agricultural seat of learning.

The complementary goals to reinforce the primary goal of the Higher Institute are to:

A. Serve as a primary comprehensive resource in education, research and service to the public,
B. Provide local and national leadership in agriculture with emphasis on food security and sovereignty,
C. Structure the Institute for maximum effectiveness and continuous improvement in contributing to the University’s complex mission of education, research and technology transfer,
D. Maintain an institute environment that is intellectually challenging for Lecturers, staff, students, farmers and, the community and,
E. Develop a climate that is supportive of women and men and one that reflects Cameroon’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity.

Areas of study

- Agricultural Engineering ( HND, B.Sc )
- Agricultural Economics ( HND, B.Sc )
- Food Technology ( HND, B.Sc )
- Rural Development Planning and Administration ( HND, B.Sc )
- Agronomy and Soil Science ( HND, B.Sc )
- Animal Science ( HND, B.Sc )
- Environment Studies and Water Resource Management ( HND B.Sc )
- Human Nutrition and Catering ( HND, B.Sc )
- Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel Management ( HND, B.Sc )
- Home Economics ( HND, B.Sc )
- Forestry and Wildlife ( HND, B.Sc )
- Community Development ( HND, B.Sc )
- Agro-Pastoral Adviser ( HND, B.Sc )
- Agricultural Economics ( HND, B.Sc )
- Soils


A student may enroll in the pre-veterinary medicine programme in the Higher Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development on a case by case basis. The pre-veterinary medicine program may also be completed preferably along with the veterinary science curriculum, but the time required for the B.M.D. programme will be longer than eight semesters.

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