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The Institute sets out to educate health clinicians and scientists within a diverse interdisciplinary environment so that they shall measure up to the dynamic work force and health care needs of our national and global societies. In addition, enhanced contribution shall be made to health knowledge via behavioral, clinical and translational research. The Higher Institute provides a creative environment that fosters scholars and visionaries for the health care system.


As part of a comprehensive science and technology university, the mission of the HIHS is to educate health clinicians and scientists, discover and translate advances in the biomedical and social sciences, and model best practices and innovation in clinical care regionally, nationally and globally. This mission is carried out in order to improve quality of care and the health and well-being of individuals, groups, communities.


- Nursing (HND, B.Sc)
- Medical Laboratory Science (HND, B.Sc)
- Midwifery (HND, B.Sc)
- Health Care Management (HND, B.Sc)
- Physiotherapy (HND, B.Sc)
- Nursing Anesthesia (HND, B.Sc)
- Public Health (HND, B.Sc)
- Pharmacy Technology (HND, B.Sc)
- Community Health (HND B.Sc)

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