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The Higher Institute of Economics of Law, Economics and Management Sciences is designed to equip students’ academic and professional competences in strategies for the job market. The Higher institute creates an environment where each student study basic issues and identify problems in terms of knowledge integration and problems solving. In addition, each student by participating in community learning and living, shall acquire a greater degree of social awareness and responsibility.


The mission of HIELMS is to provide professional or professionalized training in order to ensure that the products of the Institute satisfy human resource needs (as dictated by the market forces in the public and private sector) or can create job for themselves. In addition to provide continuing education in terms of part-time diploma programmes and refresher courses in area of identified national development needs such as management of municipalities, cooperatives, small-scale business, social communication, gender issues in development, rural and urban development, etc


- Human Resource Management HND, B.Sc
- Public Administration HND, B.Sc
- Business Management HND, B.Sc
- Accounting HND, B.Sc
- Marketing HND, B.Sc
- Insurance HND, B.Sc
- Land and Environmental Law HND, LLB
- Management of Cooperative Societies HND, B.Sc
- Management of Enterprises HND, B.Sc
- Management of Small and Medium Size Organization HND, B.Sc
- Economics HND, B.Sc
- Development Studies HND, B.Sc
- Public Administrative Finance HND, B.Sc
- Executive Secretarial Studies B.Sc
- Bilingual Secretarial Studies B.Sc
- Logistic and Transport Management HND, B.Sc
- Shipping Administration HND, B.Sc
- Business Law HND, LLB
- International law HND, LLB
- Public and Private Law HND, LLB
- Maritime Law and Business Management HND, LLB
- Common Law HND, LLB
- Commerce HND, B.Sc
- Gender and Development HND, B.Sc
- Political Science HND, B.Sc
- Sociology and Anthropology HND, B.Sc
- Project Management and Rural Planning HND, B.Sc

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