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Specific areas of collaboration Collaboration relates to mentorship of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of The Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST) by the Scandinavian Nordic Higher Institute (SNI) in order to ensure and guarantee the quality of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in academics (Bachelor, Master and PhD) awarded at the completion of study in BUST.
The fields of collaboration by the SNI will include Business Administration- Entrepreneurship Business Management, Management, Banking and Finance, Micro-Finance and Development, Marketing, Engineering- Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering; Civil Engineering, Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Food Technology, Renewable Energy and Architecture; and other new technology area as the world arise.

Certificate Programmes

This certificate programmes proposed by the NORDIC INSTITUTE OF SCANDINAVIA IN COLLABORATION WITH BUST prepares students to earn Bachelor degree in renewable energy and, Master Degree in entrepreneurship(Micro-Finance and Banking) and renewable energy respectively.
It includes 12 months of practical industrial experience that may be done during academic and vacation periods.
The Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy technologist occupies a position between the craftsman and the engineer but closer to the engineer. He/she can bridge the gap between science and practical electrical devices and systems.
The EET and RET coursework is applications-oriented and project-based. That is, hands-on experience is gained through laboratory exercises and projects that are carefully integrated into the courses.
Each course is 50% theory and 50% laboratory work and projects. In electrical engineering, emphasis is placed on theoretical work whereas in electrical engineering technology, emphasis is on practical work.

Programmes Offer

- Renewable Energy and Waste Recycling (HND, B.Sc)
- Architecture and Urban Development (HND, B.Sc)
- Electrical and Electronics Engineering (HND, B.Sc)
- Mechanical Engineering (HND, B.Sc)
- Mining Engineering (HND, B.Sc)
- Petroleum Engineering (HND, B.Sc)
- Civil Engineering (HND, B.Sc)
- Information and Communication Technology (HND, B.Sc)
- Tele Communication Engineering (HND, B.Sc)
- Computer Science (HND, B.Sc)
- Computer Net Working (HND, B.Sc)
- Software Engineering (HND, B.Sc)